What are Smoke Clay Pipes?

If you are an avid painting fan, you would have seen it in some of the famous paintings on the internet. A well-dressed man smoking through a pipe. It looked majestic on him, something that is fit for his stature. But it is also important to know the background of those pipes so you’ll have an idea what they are.

 So what exactly are those?

Smoke clay pots are not just for vanity purposes. They serve a bigger purpose especially in the consumption of tobacco. It must be noted that before, cigars and cigarette hadn’t been introduced to the general public so there is no other way in consuming tobacco.

 That is when they realized that they can use it using another material. But the problem was, they need something that won’t get burnt like tobacco, and could handle the ashes that will remain if ever they start using tobacco – similarly to English and Asian users. 

That is why the introduction of smoke clay pipe is a good thing for those tobacco users because they were now able to enjoy what tobacco could bring to them. However, the use of clay smoking pot proved to be laborious effort. The construction of it took so much time and it easily broke into pieces.


That was why, throughout the years, alternative materials were used to ensure that they could have a multi-use smoke clay pipes. They started to use smoke pipes made of wood to be used as single portraits of affluence. They just filled it with enough water content so it wont get burned with the tobacco.

The role of smoke clay pipes eventually went to sideline. Most of the time, they were being used for testing tobacco. But what most people don’t see and understand is the culture behind the use of it. The history of trial and error that made us arrive to how we consume our tobaccos nowadays. Fortunately, there are many remains of smoke clay pipes that we can see today. Although they are very fragile, archaeologists are ensuring that they were handling them with care because most of them were taken from archaeological sites that were built hundreds or even a thousand years ago.